Travel Information

Please note that the conference venue is located inside Yakima City Center.

Transport between SeaTac International Airport and the Yakima conference site by motor coach will be organized only for participants in the pre- and post-symposium tours.

Independent transportation to Yakima from Seattle is easily accomplished by car (2.5 hours), airplane (30 mins) , or shuttle bus (3 hours).

By Air

By Shuttle Bus

By Car

2.5 hours by interstates freeways I90 and I82. Detailed driving instructions can also be obtained using an on-line road guide such as

A direct route from Seattle to Yakima on a large, three-lane divided interstate free-way (no tolls) system across the scenic Snoqualmie Pass of the Cascade Mountains is available as Interstate 90. Interstate 82 leads directly into downtown (city center) from Ellensburg (near Yakima). Total transit time from City Center Seattle to Yakima is about 2.5 hours. Other wonderfully scenic byways on undivided lane byways are available: Chinook Pass (Rt 410) or White Pass (Rt 12) or Stevens Pass (Rt 2), each taking about 5 hours driving.