Have you completed the following:

Please complete registration, abstract submission, and hotel bookings by June 1st

Speakers will be chosen early from registrant’s abstracts, so please complete registration as early as possible!

Abstract submission closes: June 30th
Registration closes: June 30th
Discount, reserved hotel rooms close:

Seattle Airport Marriott Pre-tour (August 3) July 2
Yakima Garden Inn Symposium July 9
Seattle Airport Marriott Post-tour (August 9) July 6

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Special considerations for international attendees:

Do I want to attend the full Symposium in Yakima?
Do I want to attend the Pre-tour in Seattle?
Do I want to attend the Post-tour in Seattle
How will I get from Seattle to Yakima If I do not attend the Pre-tour
How will I get form Yakima to Seattle , if I do not attend the Post-tour
Should I fly into Yakima?
Should I drive to Yakima?
Should I spend more time in the Pacific Northwest?


  1. Register online for the Pre-tour, Symposium, Post-tour or Single Days at the Symposium and pay the registration fee online by credit card
  2. Book a hotel in Seattle for the Pre- and/or Post-tour dates (Seattle Airport Marriot, 3.August and 9.August)
  3. Book a hotel in Yakima for the Symposium (Yakima Hilton Garden Inn, 4.August-8.August)
  4. Submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation
  5. Prepare a manuscript for the Acta (to be submitted at the conference)
  6. Prepare a poster
  7. Prepare passports, visas, and travel documents for your country of origin
  8. Arrange for transportation to Seattle (and to Yakima if you do not attend pre- and post-tours)
  9. Check for updates at Facebook, Twitter, or the IV International Symposium Website